Google AdWords Tips for Business Online Marketing

Google AdWords Tips

Tips for Business Online Marketing


By Nicole Long

Google AdWords Tips for Business Online Marketing

Tips for Google AdWords for your business, I’m pretty sure you’re looking to get your hands on some useful tips to help you get started.  We have compiled a few tested and proven tips for you to consider to help your Google AdWords journey be a success.

Please bear in mind that these tips are only meant to guide you through what has proven to work for a majority of business owners.

Your dedication and consistency are still big factors to help have a well-oiled machine run smoothly.  So, before you apply any of these tips, check and see if they embody what your brand stands for. Don’t just practice or start doing something you haven’t examined if it is a good fit for your company.  Here are a few Tips for Google AdWords we’ve compiled just for you:

Google AdWords Tip #1

When it comes to the world of digital marketing, there is no one formula for everyone.  Therefore make sure that you know your strengths and focus on them. One sure fire way to do this is to get input from your clients. Ask them for what reason they choose your company and to do business or work with you. 

Google AdWords Tip #2

Creating a specific goal will help you achieve it faster and it can help you have directed efforts.  You won’t be wasting any of your valuable time and resources. Just remember to make specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals and it will pave the way for more successful campaigns for you and your company.

Google AdWords Tip #3

Do your research.  Check if the search volume for what you offer and if people are actually looking for your products and services.  Another great thing that can help you is if you research and assess your rival’s strategy. Do your research and see what works for them and use it to your advantage.  You can even improve it so you can offer your customers more.

Google AdWords Tip #4

Provide your customers a great offer.  What can you offer that can be so appealing in your Google Adwords Campaign ? How might you stand out from the competition and what they offer? Provide your customers great value.  Give them great products and service at reasonable and discounted prices.  

Google AdWords Tip #5

Take pride in your products and services.  Make sure you are always serving high quality all the time.  If you are confident enough, you can even offer a money back guarantee for your loyal consumers.


Google AdWords Tip #6

Track the success of your keywords and campaigns.  I mean there’s no use in continually doing something that is not working out for you, right?  This is what is called Conversion Tracking and you can find this special feature inside Google AdWords.  Your sales can be tracked without breaking a sweat.


Conversions aren’t just limited to sales.  It can also mean new leads like getting your people to sign up to your mailing list and getting their personal information.  Why? Well, having a network of your consumers is power. It will be easier to connect to them and this will eventually lead to sales.


Google AdWords Tip #7

Make sure you are not using duplicate keywords. If you are, remove them.  It is hard to keep track of all the ads that have duplicate keywords and any action done on just one of them will not be automatically applied to the others.  So, for example, if you decide to remove the keywords in one ad, you will still have them existent on other ads that have the duplicate keywords.


That being said, make sure you have an updated list of your keywords and campaigns.  You need your information as clear and simple to understand so you can gauge and keep track of your campaigns. So, be proactive and keep for yourself an updated record.


Google AdWords Tip #8

Make sure your AdWords settings are properly set-up.  You should have a mobile-friendly website. And when it comes to keywords use the broad, phrase and exact keyword matching features in creating your ad.  Make sure your location, language and other specific details that pertains to your target market is properly set in your account.


Google AdWords Tip #9

The good thing about Google is that it just doesn’t simply show the ads from people who have a lot of money.  In short, it doesn’t mean that if you bid high, it doesn’t guarantee anything. They are pro users and they want to give the best results to their users.  So, relevancy is key when it comes to your ads. So, make sure your ads actually mean something and that it would be something that people who search in Google care about.


Google AdWords Tip #10

Be updated.  As you may know, technology always evolves and that is also applicable with online marketing.  Google AdWords constantly thinks of new ways to improve their services and so you have to be on your feet.  Check out any new tools and strategies and study if they will be a right fit for you and your company.


Google AdWords Tip #11

Take it slow and don’t create multiple campaigns all at once.  Create one or two and see how it runs. You can call it your lab rat and see how it works out.  You will be able to see what works and what doesn’t and as a result you won’t be wasting money in the process.


Once you’ve figured out what works, you can consider Google’s remarketing campaign.  Use the list of people who have actually visited your website and are interested in your products and services and be assertive in remarketing to them.


Google AdWords Tip #12

Set a budget and stay within your budget.  Sometimes, it can be really tempting to run all those campaigns and bid higher for what you think will help speed things up.  However, it is important to be patient. Also, make a summary of the cost you expect to spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  A few dollars won’t seem much until you crunch up the numbers.


Google AdWords Tip #13

Use KeywordSpy to bank on the information that your competition already knows based on the previous campaign they’ve run.  Those can be available to you because KeywordSpy will provide you with the history of your competition’s ad information. All you need to do is create an account and copy and paste your rival’s domain into their search bar and they will give you a list of the keywords with the dates they’ve been run and show which have led to conversions.


You can review which ads worked and which ones didn’t.  So you can add negative keywords to your list and make a note of them as well.  Do you want another great news? KeywordSpy has a free trial you can check out!


Google AdWords Tip #14

Be truthful.  Do not make any empty promises in your ads.  Let your ads, landing page and your actual promotions be in synch and transparent.  Misleading ads upset customers and that won’t do you any good in the world of digital marketing.


Google AdWords Tip #15

Make time to actually connect with your target audience and clients.  It is amazing what you can get by allowing yourself to actually listen to what they have to say.  Most of the time, they will give you great ideas on how to improve your products and services because they are the ones on the receiving end.  What’s so great about this tactic? This is actually free! And you can gain more customer loyalty and reach by doing so. Nowadays, people love businesses who let them have a voice.

Learning the Language of Search Engine Optimization Terms Takes Time

We hope that these few words will help you get started in learning Search Engine Optimization.  We know that it is a very broad topic, and you might have gotten overwhelmed with the words from our list already.  For all the other terms not included in this blog, you can check out other resources online. Be patient; we can’t learn everything all at once.  We can take baby steps and strengthen our mental muscles until we get familiar with all the jargon we encounter daily.  

No one expects you to learn everything overnight.  So, go easy on yourself. You will be able to learn everything faster, especially if you get to apply it to your website and use it for your business.  Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization always keep on evolving and changing, so you’d be sure to have to learn more words.

Don’t get frustrated if you master the basics; it won’t be as hard to learn the new things.  You have to remember that in the World Wide Web, you have to love learning. New algorithms and new ways of improving customer experience are always around from time to time.  Personally, I don’t mind learning new things; I think it keeps my mind active and alert.  

If you need help doing SEO for your business, Blue World Marketing can help you with that.  We are available to assist you with any of your questions, and we can even give your website an assessment so you can have an overview of what needs to be done.  It helps if you know your standing because then you will be able to find solutions for any setbacks your site may have when it comes to being found on the web. Shoot us a message, and we’ll work together with you.  We’d love to see you succeed!

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