Search Engine Optimization Terms: Learning the Language

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By MAry Anne Selirio

Learning the Search Engine Optimization Language

Learning a new language is no easy task, especially if the new language you’re going to learn is from the terms of the world of digital marketing.  Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting task if you try to go in blind and try learning the system without going through the basics first. So, we put together some of the words you are bound to encounter as you try and discover the world of SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization Terms You Need to Learn:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Online businesses need to rank high or at least on the first page of search engine results because it will help them get more traffic, which can convert to sales.  Search Engine Optimization is the means of developing your website’s ranking in the result’s page of a search engine through different methods.  

For instance, if your client’s website offers fitness programs, he or she may want to get high rankings for the terms “weight loss.”  SEO can help the site appear in the search using those terms through various techniques like SEO-enriched articles or videos.

White Hat SEO 

This method uses acceptable SEO schemes to increase your site’s ranking in search engine results.  We demand the right kind of SEO because it adheres to the guidelines and does not rely on any shortcuts to improve ranking.  This process may take some time, but it also guarantees security in keeping what you have accomplished for your site.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a type of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is often considered unethical because of the methods used.  It gets you fast results and increases the ranking of your website on search engines in a quick way, but eventually, your site will suffer when the search engines discover the unacceptable processes done to achieve such rankings.


backlink is a link found on other websites or pages that redirects to any page on your site. The backlink is used mostly for SEO purposes of driving traffic towards your website to help increase your ranking. Do you remember blue underlined texts which, when clicked, direct you to another site? That is what you call a backlink.

Anchor Text

Your anchor text is a hyperlinked text displayed to describe the page you will direct to. It may be or may not be the exact URL of the site but is meant to be the clickable text that will redirect you. For example, the displayed anchor text may be Internet Marketing, but it leads to a page with a URL

Broken link

A broken link is a backlink that doesn’t work. It directs you to a page that doesn’t exist. You will know that it is a broken link if it results in a 404 error.


A word or words entered into search engines to search. It is often targeted by clients to help their websites rank on search engine results through Search Engine Optimization efforts. The more specific your keywords are, the more targeted it will be.

Keyword Density 

Measures how much percentage your keyword or keywords found in the content. Some search engines favor a specific range of keyword density more than others. Gone are the days where you bombard your pages with keywords to help your site rank.  

Keyword Research 

 Keyword Research is the process of researching the keywords which are relevant to your niche, products, and services. It is done to attempt and draw people to your site via the search engine results. There are many keyword tools you can use to help with this. However, it also pays to do a little bit of research. You can check out which keywords your competition is using and which ones are working for them. You can then use it to your advantage. Knowledge is key!

Link Building

You would want search engines to brand your site as credible. One way to do that is to get links on other websites that direct to your site. The more reliable the website is, the more points the search engines will reward you for it.

Link Pyramid

Link Pyramid is a type of SEO effort that uses backlinks to help improve the standing of your website. The website that you want to rank is on top of the tier or pyramid, and below it is layers of different links.

Offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Offsite SEO refers to SEO efforts made outside the parameters of changing your site.

Onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The opposite of Offsite SEO, it makes changes to the website to achieve SEO methods that will enable your website to achieve better search engine rankings.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 

SERP is self-explanatory. After you search, your results will show on a page, and that is what you call the SERP.


A PageRank is what good old Google uses as a tool to determine a site’s significance. It is an algorithm used to rank the pages of the World Wide Web. It shows a website’s importance on a scale of 1-10. The higher the score, the higher the importance of a website is. This score usually helps determines the ranking of a website on the results page of a search engine.

Learning the Language of Search Engine Optimization Terms Takes Time

We hope that these few words will help you start learning Search Engine Optimization. We know that it is a very vast topic, and you might have gotten overwhelmed with the words from our list already. For all the other terms not included in this blog, you can check out other resources online. Be patient; we can’t learn everything all at once. We can take baby steps and strengthen our minds until we get familiar with all the jargon we encounter daily.  

No one expects you to learn everything overnight. So, go easy on yourself. You will be able to learn everything faster, especially if you get to apply it to your website and use it for your business. Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization always keep on evolving and changing, so you’d be sure to have to learn more words.

Don’t get frustrated if you master the basics; it won’t be as hard to learn new things. You have to remember that in the World Wide Web, you have to love learning. New algorithms and new ways of improving customer experience are just around from time to time. I don’t mind learning new things; I think it keeps my mind active and alert.  

SEO for Your Business

If you need help doing SEO for your business, Blue World Marketing can help you with that. We are available to assist you with any of your inquiries, and we can evaluate your website so you can have an overview of what needs achieve. It helps if you know your standing because then you will be able to find solutions for any setbacks your site may have when it comes to being found on the web. Shoot us a message, and we’ll work together with you. We’d love to see you succeed!