Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

More Social Media Marketing Tips for You

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By Mary Anne Selirio

Get Your Hands on Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

Social Media Marketing is not an easy feat, and you need tips on social media marketing to survive the year 2019.  It has overtaken the world by storm, and millions of people and brands use it all over the world. That is why you have to be smart so you can stand out.  You need to get inventive and be different. We decided to share a few tips with you to help you and your business.

“Social media is an excellent way for you to listen to what your audience is saying. Check out what type of questions they’re asking in community forums”

Social Media Marketing Tip #1 Get Engagement

You have to understand that as soon as you post something on social media, the algorithm measures how much your post gets engaged with and it will compare your post to other posts you’ve shared at similar times.  If your post is attracting a lot of engagement, the algorithm will show it to more people and will show up on more news feeds. So, the more you’re doing well, the more you’ll get rewarded for it.

To get engagement, you have to create engaging content.  The more comments you have on your posts, the more beneficial it will be for you.  It is also wise to respond to the comments because it will allow you to have a better standing in the algorithm not to mention it will add more engagement to your post.  Content creation will drive growth to your company. It will help your audience, and they will undoubtedly return the favor. One example wherein you can increase your engagement with is to start a rewards program for people who share your content.

Social media is an excellent way for you to listen to what your audience is saying.  Check out what type of questions they’re asking in community forums or even on the comments’ section of your posts or the post of your peers.  Are these ideas for potential content? Don’t just promote your product, listen, and see how you can improve your brand and what you have to offer.  It will allow you to have great insight into your customer’s preferences and concerns.

Social Media Marketing Tip #2 Be Consistent

Make your social media a priority.  Don’t just create accounts on different social media platforms and then neglect them after that.  Once people see that you have a social media account, you’ll be under a magnifying glass. It’s either they will see how awesome you are or conclude that you aren’t cool because you can’t even manage your own social media account.  Be religious and set aside time for social media. Set aside time each week to create content and engage with people. However, don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to spend the whole day on social media. A few focused hours or minutes of creating content and engaging with the community will suffice.  It will show people you are dedicated.

Social Media Marketing Tip #3 Don’t Go in blind.  Plan Your Course of Action.

In the world of social media marketing, it is very important to plan.  You have to create a strategy and goals. You can ask yourself, what do you wish to achieve?  Do you want brand awareness? Do you want sales? Having a plan will allow you to commit to these goals.  Next, you have to understand what tools are there to help you. Find out what works for your competitors.

Also, when you set goals and you have to be specific.  Define how you’re going to measure the results. How will you know if you’ve reached these goals?  Once you have these goals, you can choose which social media marketing strategies will help you achieve these goals.  This way, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t. Once you do, it will be easier to move in the direction you want your business to be taking.

Social Media Marketing Tip #4 Socialize

Social media is a social community.  People are on social media because they want to connect with people.  They want to share with their friends and family, and they won’t like it if you are up in their face selling all the time.  People won’t want to connect with your brand unless they can see that you’re human too. You have to communicate with them on a human level and allow them to see what makes you unique.  You have to show them what your values are. Ask yourself, why would they want to follow you on social media? What makes you special? Is it your employees, products, or services? You need to help people by providing useful and relevant content so they will go to you as a trusted source of inspiration.

Social Media Marketing Tip #5 Don’t spread yourself too thinly.

Do not go on a social media frenzy and sign up on all the social media platforms out there.  You have to focus your efforts. You have to hone your skills and learn great strategies on different channels.  You can start with 3-4 social media platforms and test the waters. Once you’ve mastered the social media you’ve started to work with, you can now branch out and expand your reach.

Social Media Marketing Tip #6 Use tools

There is an automated tool which can help your life with social media less taxing.  You can use tools that can help you schedule posts. You can also get help and use content creation tools and provide a variety of value you can offer.  However, it is crucial to pick the right tools. Check out which ones have a great review and which ones are perfect for you and your niche.  

It would also be beneficial if you learn from other brands.  You can study brands inside and outside your industry. Check out what types of content they’re using.  What are the topics they use that gain a lot of engagement and work your way up from there?

More Social Media Marketing Tips for You

  • Avoid outbound links.  Every social media platform want you to stay on the platform so place your links in the comment section and then edit your post and add the link to your caption.  
  • Run targeted ads and don’t waste your money.  Find out what your objective is. Do you want more clicks?  Do you want more engagement? Tailor it to your end game. Do you want to get more leads or conversions?
  • Use social media search engines.  You can search for what people are asking help and provide an answer through valuable content.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your content more than a few times.  Not everyone has a lot of time to stay glued on their phones the whole day.  So, make it a habit to repost things you’ve already published so they can get a wider reach.  You can use tools to schedule your posts for smoother execution.  
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your business.  Have call-to-actions in your videos. You have to encourage them to check out and buy your products and services.  But remember, don’t overpromote or it will backfire.
  • Use the right keywords based on social shares.   Do your research and people will love you for it.
  • Engagement is not just limited to your account.  Participate in other people’s profiles, not only your own.  Be social.
  • Focus on community building.  Create contests, great content, and interact with people.

Social media marketing is, indeed complicated.  However, it can be learned. All you need to do is to stop overanalyzing everything and connect with the community.  Social media is not just a tool you can use to sell your products and get leads, but it can be an excellent opportunity for you to grow in your business.